We are happy to announce the reopening of the Kol Haloshon website, with the object of spreading Torah knowledge and enhancing its esteem. 


As is well known, in response to the call of our great leaders, Gedolei Yisroel, to refrain from unnecessary use of the internet, we removed the Kol Haloshon website from the web.


Those who were entrusted with rendering a decision in this weighty matter were confronted by a severe dilemma. On the one hand, the Kol Haloshon website provides a tremendous service to the public, making countless Torah shiurim readily accessible to them. On the other hand, its very presence in a location which our leaders find unacceptable creates the potential for extremely undesirable repercussions.


As you can see with your own eyes, the final decision was to sanction reopening the site, being guided by the principle set out in Mishle, "Know Him in all your ways and He will straighten your path."


However, at the same time certain restrictions were introduced, which became a condition of using the website.


Firstly, we ask you to make the Kol Haloshon website your homepage.


Secondly, use of the internet is permitted solely for purposes of earning a living. All other uses are excluded unless specifically sanctioned by one's own rav.


Our website makes it possible to freely listen, watch and download the Torah shiurim featured on the site.


We allow you to distribute and publicize all the content of the website on condition that no money is taken for this purpose under any circumstances, even to cover expenses.

Likewise, it is strictly forbidden to distribute or upload any content taken from Kol Halashon on any other web site or phone system.


These conditions apply to all methods employed for distributing the shiurim, including by phone or at downloading stations ("kiosks"). These terms will be strictly enforced and will not be waived under any circumstances.


It is our hope and wish that we should continue to be able to spread the words of our Holy Torah to all those who love and desire to hear its words, in all parts of the world.


With Torah blessings,


Kol Haloshon Ltd.