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שיעורים משנת תשע"ח (330 Shiurim)
Shiurim from 5777 (354 Shiurim)
Shiurim from 5776 (377 Shiurim)
Shiurim from 5775 (341 Shiurim)
Shiurim from 5774 (382 Shiurim)
Shiurim from 5773 (351 Shiurim)
Shiurim from 5772 (347 Shiurim)
Shiurim from year תשע"א (368 Shiurim)
Shiurim from year תש"ע (364 Shiurim)
Shiurim from year תשס"ט (358 Shiurim)
Shiurim from year תשס"ח

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