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Wednesday 07 December 2022 | י"ג כסלו תשפ"ג
  • While further developing the Kol Haloshon website, we created a locally installed program that you can use to download the MP3 files or listen to Kol Haloshon shiurim.

    Please click Kol Haloshon Web Downloader to get your copy of the software.

    Below and attached are the installation instructions. You may forward this email to others who can try it out as well.

    To install the Kol Haloshon MP3 Download Program, follow these simple instructions.

    1) Download the Kol Haloshon MP3 Download Program file by clicking on the link at Kol Haloshon Web Downloader .
    2) Activate the Tora_ATM_Web_Full application.
    3) If the program is already installed on your system, you will have to go to Control Panel and go to Add or Remove Programs. Once there, find Kol Haloshon - MP3 Loader program and uninstall it. You may go ahead and install it once again.
    4) To start the program, click Start, then Programs, then click Kol Haloshon and click the program called Kol Haloshon Web Downloader.
    5) Choose the appropriate language for the program.
    6) This Kol Haloshon MP3 Download Program allows you to download the MP3 files to a local folder on your computer.
    7) Alternatively, the Kol Haloshon MP3 Download program allows you to interactively play the MP3 shiurim files.
    Be aware that if your internet connection speed is slow, the shiur may sound choppy.
    8) On the main screen, you will see 3 buttons. The first button allows you to choose by Language. The second button allows you to choose by Lecturer and the third button allows you to choose by topic.
    9) By going through the menus, you will have the ability to make a selection.
    10) If you encounter any issues when trying to use the Kol Haloshon MP3 Download program, you may contact (718) 576-2167 (24 hours a day). Please leave a detailed voicemail message about the issue(s) you are experiencing. You may also email info@kolhl.com and attach any supporting information about your issue(s) by attaching a screenshot displaying any displayed error message.
    11) If you would like to be informed about updates to the Kol Haloshon MP3 Download program, please send us your email address.

    We want to hear your feedback. If you have any issues or comments about the installation procedures or running the Kol Haloshon MP3 Download program, please send an email to info@kolhl.com and the email subject should be "re: Kol Haloshon MP3 Download program."

    We value your comments. All comments will be read by several people. We won't necessarily respond to every comment because we are distributing and collecting comments from many people. If you are having a problem running the program, your email should be detailed. You can attach screenshots and also include any error message text that you may see. Alternatively, you can leave a voicemail at (718) 576-2167. The voicemail, too, will be heard by several people.

    When there are Kol Haloshon MP3 Download program updates, the version number in the download link will be incremented so that you may choose to download and install a more recent version.

    Thanks in advance.