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Monday 23 September 2019 | כ"ג אלול תשע"ט
חיפוש קולי

  • כִּי מָלְאָה הָאָרֶץ דֵּעָה אֶת ה' כַּמַּיִם לַיָּם מְכַסִּים

    Join today the international community of Mafizey Torah by Kol Haloshon!!!

    If you are connected to the internet, you can today establish your own station for downloading Shiurey Torah into MP3 players.
    Kol Haloshon has recently developed the "New Generation" of downloading stations, that work throught fast internet connections (ADSL)
    Establishing such a station will enable you to spread Torah to hundreds and thousands of people, and thus be a Mezake-Ha'Rabim and earn for yourself huge amounts of Zchuyot.

    If you wish to join and be a part of the Kol Haloshon's world wide network for spreading Torah, just fill in your details below and click the button.
    We will B"H B"N contact you shortly and assist you in establishing the station.

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